Sunday, December 11, 2016

All who wander are not lost.

I want to rock your gypsy soul, just like in the days of old.

It's been a while since I posted work in A Path With Art. Five and a half years to be exact. During which time I moved from Golden to Nelson, from Nelson to Squamish and then from Squamish to Whistler. My friend Elise unwittingly acknowledged this seemingly endless meander by commissioning me to create a painting based on the Van Morrison song lyric, "I want to rock your gypsy soul, just
like in the days of old." It was a delightful assignment. After parting ways with my beloved studio in Golden, painting this piece on Chantal Gainer's dining room table reminded me that we always have what we need. Chantal Gainer and Elise Pare, I'll not be forgetting your generosity and kindness any time soon.
Black Tusk
While I was wending my way to Whistler, my friend Dean Thompson was contemplating an exodus to the island with his young family. He had been living in Whistler for years and wanted a painting of Black Tusk, a stunning volcanic rock spire that juts out of a glacier in the Coast Range. At the time Black Tusk was a vague
memory from previous visits to the coast and I ended up working from a photograph I found on the internet. Now that I live in Whistler I often find myself staring over at Black Tusk and thinking of Dean. Thank you for the introduction Dean, what a beautiful peak, especially in winter caked in snow.
Atwell is another iconic peak, but she presides over Squamish. My old friend, Trevor Hunt, has skied a number of descents, some of which are firsts, off the backside of Atwell. You could almost call it a love affair between man and mountain. And it's not hard to love her; when Atwell lights up with alpenglow she takes on a magical quality, dominating Squamish and Howe Sound like a queen.
I painted this piece for Trevor as a keepsake for his ski pilgrimages and also as a thank you for his enduring friendship and unending goodness. This is the view of Atwell driving up Skyline on the way to trevor's old place in the Highlands, a home to many over the years, myself included.

Garibaldi and Atwell