Saturday, December 18, 2010

a visual of my wee studio

josee st.amour sells spray paint and other beautiful things at her gallery in squamish, bc

i like these old shots of my sweetheart.   he built my studio last fall with the help of chris brazeau, rick seward, russ lybarger and greg romeskie, all friends and carpenters from golden. 

suzanne cooper created this piece from her home studio in the blaeberry

obviously i like this quote since i taped it onto my incredibly powerful sound system (big smile).  andrea wilson sent it to me as a reminder that following your dreams requires bravery, tenacity, hard work and perhaps untold years of barely piecing it together -- oh yeah, i was hoping to avoid that bit. 

rick seward built this incredibly practical storage unit that brings peace to my inner neat freak.  it even has wheels!

i discovered the dalai lama on a trip to nepal when i was a teenager.  i happened upon a copy of his autobiography in a dusty bookstore in katmandu.  i had no idea who he was or how to even pronounce his name.  what luck and what an honor to be introduced to his teachings.
a deep and reverential bow.

if you are an awkward nerd who likes to hermit and starts to sweat and feel anxious in front of a camera then you may have belonged to an indigenous tribe in your past life.  maybe members of that tribe believed cameras could steal your soul.  and maybe that is the reason why no one can ever get a decent picture of you.  well, in this case, an enormous 'hats off' to the ever patient and professional, claire dibble who took all of these photos.  thank you claire!


  1. nevada, i love the nerd in you! mostly i just love you:) thanks for sharing words, thoughts, and images from your creative life with us.
    love love love

  2. nicely done Nevada.....thanks for sharing this

  3. Proud of you Nevada - for your amazing progression, following your dreams, keeping your space so neat and beautiful. I could keep going really. Love you lots! Monica

  4. I think we belonged to the same tribe in a previous existence...

    Well done on the blog.