Sunday, December 19, 2010


this photo was taken at my cousin dave's house.  he graciously gave me permission to stay the winter while he was doing volunteer work in honduras.  this would be my second studio space, which also happens to be the kitchen table.  packing your things away every time you want to eat a meal isn't ideal, but during this particular creative period groceries were very much appreciated but not always present.  thereby leaving a very clean surface to paint on and inspiring the odd healthy fast.  every cloud has a silver lining.

during my stay at dave's house, many people came by for many different reasons.  some to borrow tools, others dropped by to say hello, one person came to retrieve a turkey they had been storing in the freezer and several charity representatives came by for donations.  it made me realize that dave putt is a kind and generous man, not just to me, but to many people in his community.  

i titled this post progression because these photos document the very beginnings of my creative journey.  i photographed all of my work in dave's backyard, propped up on the corner of an old table saw and leaning against a concrete wall covered in vines.  some of the pieces ended up looking sort of warped whereas others fell solidly into the category of completely warped.
lucky for me and also in keeping with the rest of the family, dave is a  bookworm.  his house is filled with all kinds of books and most of the work i produced during my stay there was from images i found snooping through his extensive, sprawling collection. 

ahem, a slightly warped image.

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